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Dayton: (937) 558 - 1399
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We strive to give our
customers what they
workmanship and
dependable service.

We believe in being
fair and honest, and
we take pride in every
project that we do.
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To Our Customers,

At Security Roofing, there is nothing more important to us than having 100% satisfied
customers.  We not only want to provide a top quality finished product at a
competitive price, we want to deliver professional service and be responsive to all of
our customers' needs throughout the process.  Re-Roofing can be messy and
disruptive, but our goal is to minimize the inconvenience to our customers, providing
them with a quality finished product within a short amount of time.  Our success has
hinged on our satisfied customers supporting us through word of mouth advertising
and referrals.  I appreciate your assistance by reviewing Security Roofing on Google+
and Angie's list.  

Thank you again for trusting us with your home repairs.

Greg Olsen
4420 Taylorsville Rd. Dayton, Ohio 45424
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